Over half of the world's population lives in global urban centers. To meet this growing trend, IMB is piloting a new initiative to develop an intentional focus on cities.
Click on any city below to download a City Guide
City guides have more information about what it’s like to live, work and do ministry in the following cities.

Global cities are:

  • Cultural and business hubs
  • Regionally influencing
  • Ethnically diverse
  • Globally impacting
  • Economically diverse
  • Physically and spiritually in need


Professionals, Families, Singles, Retirees, Entrepreneurs and Students

How might God be leading you

to impact a global city?

Next steps:

1 / Guide

Read our city guide and ask God if He might be leading you to move overseas to work, study or retire or to help mobilize your church.

2 / Assessment

Fill out an application, which we will email to you, then go through an assessment process with your local church pastor and IMB staff.

3 / Coach

If your church and the IMB affirm you through the assessment, we will connect you with a coach to help guide you through the process of finding a job, studying abroad or pursuing a retirement opportunity overseas.

4 / Training

Partnering with your church, we will provide you with cross-cultural training to help prepare you for ministry overseas.

5 / Go

Ask your church to pray for you as you move overseas, and we will help you get plugged into a local church and ministry team.

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